Top 5 Best Architectural Photographers in Gurgaon

Top 5 Best Architectural Photographers in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, a bustling city in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, is known for its rapid urbanization and modern architectural marvels. From skyscrapers to luxurious residences, Gurgaon boasts a diverse range of architectural wonders. To capture the essence and beauty of these structures, you need the expertise of the best architectural photographers. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 best architectural photographers in Gurgaon who have excelled in the art of capturing buildings and spaces.

1: Nitin Rai Photography

Nitin Rai is a veteran photographer known for his expertise in various genres, including architectural photography. Based in Gurgaon, he has over three decades of experience in capturing the essence of buildings and spaces. Nitin’s photography reflects his deep understanding of architecture and design principles.

Nitin Rai’s portfolio includes a wide spectrum of architectural projects, from iconic landmarks to eco-friendly structures. His images showcase not only the physical attributes of the buildings but also the stories behind them. Nitin’s ability to play with light and shadows adds depth and drama to his photographs.

One of his notable works is a series on sustainable architecture in Gurgaon, emphasizing the importance of eco-conscious design in a rapidly urbanizing city. Nitin Rai’s contribution to architectural photography in Gurgaon has earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the best in the field.

2: Anubhav Joshi Photography

Anubhav Joshi is a renowned architectural photographer based in Gurgaon. With a keen eye for detail and a deep passion for photography, he has made a significant mark in the field. Anubhav’s work is characterized by its precision and ability to showcase the personality of each architectural subject.

Anubhav Joshi has worked with some of the leading architects and real estate developers in Gurgaon, and his portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from commercial buildings to residential complexes. He understands the importance of lighting, angles, and composition in architectural photography, which is evident in his stunning portfolio.

One of his notable works includes capturing the futuristic design of the CyberHub in Gurgaon, highlighting its intricate facade and vibrant ambiance. Anubhav’s ability to capture the soul of a structure sets him apart as one of the best architectural photographers in the city.

3: Vikram Arora Photography

Vikram Arora is another exceptional architectural photographer in Gurgaon. His journey into photography began as a hobby and gradually evolved into a full-fledged profession driven by his passion for architecture and design. Vikram’s work is characterized by its simplicity and the way he brings out the beauty in minimalistic designs.

Vikram Arora’s portfolio showcases a blend of modern and traditional architectural styles. His photographs often reveal the harmony between structures and their surroundings. Whether it’s capturing the grandeur of a luxury villa or the elegance of a corporate office, Vikram’s photography tells a compelling story.

One of Vikram’s remarkable works is his series on heritage buildings in Gurgaon, which portrays the city’s historical roots amid its modern urban landscape. His ability to evoke emotions through his lens makes him one of the top choices for architectural photography in Gurgaon.

4: Prism Lens Photography

Prism Lens Photography is a photography studio in Gurgaon specializing in architectural and interior photography. The team at Prism Lens is known for its dedication to capturing the finest details of architectural spaces, creating visually stunning compositions that resonate with viewers.

What sets Prism Lens apart is its commitment to understanding the client’s vision and translating it into captivating photographs. They work closely with architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals to ensure that the essence of each project is faithfully represented in their images.

Prism Lens Photography’s portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from high-end residential interiors to commercial spaces. Their ability to showcase the functionality and aesthetics of a space in a single frame is truly commendable.

5: Kunal Gupta Photography

Kunal Gupta is a talented architectural photographer based in Gurgaon who specializes in capturing the dynamic nature of urban spaces. His photography reflects the evolving landscape of Gurgaon, where old meets new and tradition intersects with modernity.

Kunal Gupta’s work often focuses on the urban development and infrastructure of Gurgaon, highlighting the city’s rapid growth. He has an exceptional knack for turning everyday scenes into extraordinary visual narratives, making his portfolio a fascinating exploration of the city’s architectural diversity.

One of Kunal’s notable projects involves documenting the transformation of Gurgaon’s skyline over the years, showcasing how the city has evolved into a corporate hub. His ability to capture the changing face of Gurgaon through his lens is a testament to his skill and dedication as an architectural photographer.


Gurgaon’s architectural landscape is a testament to its ever-evolving identity, and capturing the essence of this transformation requires a unique blend of art and expertise. The top 5 best architectural photographer in Gurgaon, including Anubhav Joshi, Vikram Arora, Nitin Rai, Prism Lens Photography, and Kunal Gupta, have mastered this art. Their work not only reflects the physical attributes of buildings but also tells compelling stories about the city’s growth and evolution.

Whether you need photographs of a luxurious residence, a commercial complex, or a heritage building, these photographers have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to showcase the beauty of architectural spaces make them the best choices for architectural photography in Gurgaon. With their expertise, you can immortalize the architectural wonders of Gurgaon and appreciate the city’s unique blend of tradition and modernity through their lenses.

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