Top 10 Best Ariana Grande Songs of All Time

The lead single from Sweetener delved into the complexities of healing after heartbreak. It combines Mariah Carey-tier belting with skronking sax honks and a skipping beat that perfectly captures the urge to numb pain. You can get free 320kbps music on Mp3 Juice.

Over barely-there piano, Grande croons about the pain of losing her ex while still being able to smile. It’s a sentiment that resonated with fans and was the perfect lead-off track for a record about resilience and self-love.

1. “Bad Idea”

Ariana reworks Imogen Heap’s ethereal production style with twinkling synths and her most angelic vocal harmonies. The song embodies the feeling of first infatuation.

While some fans have criticised the song for encouraging unhealthy relationships, it is still a fan favorite for its heavenly vocal runs. It also showcases Grande’s incredibly impressive range of emotions in the song’s lyrics.

2. “Right There”

During this groovy R&B bop, Ariana embodies her post-personal troubles, no-f-ks-given persona. Co-written and produced by Social House, the track chronicles that awkward point in a relationship when you’re too casual to commit yet too attached to walk away.

This 2014 single reveals the full breadth of Ariana’s vocal capabilities and marked her smooth transition from her Nickelodeon days into adult pop stardom. Its uplifting chorus and catchy piano sample drew comparisons to Mariah Carey.

3. “Focus”

Like most of her songs, Focus has a meaningful message and is an uplifting song that gets you swaying along. It samples Imogen Heap’s beloved 2005 track “Goodnight and Go” with a trap-inspired beat.

Lyrically, it addresses the anxiety Grande has been suffering from since the Manchester attack, and is a call to take care of yourself. The accompanying music video also hits home. It references iconic noughties films, such as Clueless, Bring It On, 13 Going on 30 and Legally Blonde. Definitely a standout single from Sweetener.

4. “Bad Decisions”

Ariana shed her Nickelodeon image with Dangerous Woman, but it was the 2016 collaboration with EDM producer Zedd that pushed her into the mainstream. The light touch on synths and beats allowed Grande’s soaring voice to shine, setting the blueprint for her future collabs.

With a smoky, soulful vocal that sounds a bit like Mariah Carey, Grande croons about a fling on this steamy pop banger. The song topped the charts and was nominated for Grammys.

5. “Bad Romance”

Ari’s pop-R&B style is a perfect fit for a ‘bad romance,’ and she nails the feeling of wanting to distract yourself on the dance floor with this song. Zedd’s EDM-influenced production gives the club hit its fun vibe, while the video, which features a revolving hallway trick, is trippy and cool.

With sultry synth beats and a breathy chorus, this song is one of Ariana’s steamiest. It’s also a reminder of her talent for taking a personal experience and turning it into radio-friendly earworms.

6. “No Tears Left to Cry”

After the Manchester bombing, Grande threw herself into recovery mode. On this groovy R&B bop, she describes her motherf-kin’ trainwreck of a boyfriend as “an astronaut who can’t give you space.”

With stabbing synths and skyscraping vocals, this dancefloor hit marked Ariana as a bona fide chart-topping diva. It’s also a touching reminder that everyone has bad times. It’s a lesson that Grande would carry into 2020’s Positions, her most refined and sung work to date. She’s a survivor and she never lets the world forget it.

7. “Successful”

Ariana transitioned smoothly from Nickelodeon singer to dancefloor diva with this hit, which showcases her euphoric vocal runs over a pulsing club beat. Its sensual message about being swept away by intense passion is still a fan favorite today.

Following the death of her former boyfriend Mac Miller, Ariana released a heartfelt song called “thank you, next” that impacted millions. Despite being a lighthearted breakup song, it conveyed Grande’s gratitude and maturity. It was a huge hit that gave her a much-deserved reset in the culture.

8. “An Angel Cries”

Amidst the breakup anthems of Thank U, Next, this power ballad stands out as Grande’s most hopeful work. It’s a reminder that life is a gift and that you’ll always be alright—an important message during her darkest times.

This 2020 club hit marked a new direction for Ariana. She sang soaring vocals over stabbing synths and a driving beat, proving she could be a bonafide dancefloor diva. The accompanying video was also memorable, referencing iconic teen movies. It was a refreshingly mature look at a very public love story.

9. “Touch It”

A smoldering slow-jam, this tune from Thank U, Next finds Grande pining for a guy who’s already taken. Name-dropping Pete Davidson aside, the song’s honesty is something to behold.

Unlike most celebs who keep their personal issues private, Ariana didn’t hold back in this upbeat collaboration with Big Sean. It sounded sweet at the time, but now feels like a dated outtake from her second album. Still, it showcases her impressive vocal range. This track was a sign of things to come. Almost a decade later, she’s a proper pop star.

10. “Bad Romance”

Ari proves she’s a bonafide dancefloor banger on this sultry track. Co-written by music mastermind Max Martin, “Into You” boasts a tantalizing disco synth beat and breathless lyrics that’ll leave you wanting more.

On this sensual slow jam, Ari sings about sticking with her lover, even when the red flags are waving — and showcases her impressive vocal range. It’s a definite highlight off of her intimate sixth album.

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