I Cut Sympathy Cards Out of My Life. Here’s What Happened


In a world filled with heartfelt gestures and well-intentioned traditions, I decided to take an unconventional step—I cut sympathy cards out of my life. Sympathy cards, those ubiquitous tokens of support during times of loss, had always been a part of my social repertoire. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to this tradition than met the eye. What happens when we break away from the norm and choose a different path? Here’s my journey of what unfolded when I decided to forgo sympathy cards.

Reevaluating Tradition

  1. The Tradition of Sympathy Cards: Sympathy cards are a long-standing tradition, offering comfort and condolences during moments of loss. However, they also come with a certain level of formality and societal expectations.
  2. Seeking Authenticity: I began to question whether sympathy cards were truly authentic expressions of support or merely societal conventions. Did they genuinely reflect my feelings, or were they a default response?

Choosing a Different Path

  1. Personal Messages: Instead of sending sympathy cards, I opted to craft personalized, heartfelt messages. These messages conveyed my condolences and offered support in a more direct and intimate manner.
  2. Connecting in Person: I made an effort to connect with grieving friends and family in person or through a heartfelt phone call. I realized that genuine human connection often meant more than a card.

Retirement cards

The Unforeseen Impact

  1. Deeper Connections: By choosing personal messages and direct communication, I forged deeper connections with those who were grieving. Our conversations went beyond formalities, allowing for genuine expressions of sorrow and support.
  2. Emotional Liberation: I found that my decision to step away from Sympathy card liberated me emotionally. It allowed me to express my feelings more authentically, free from the constraints of societal norms.

Get well soon card

Respecting Others’ Choices

  1. Understanding Diverse Responses: I came to realize that everyone has their unique ways of grieving and offering support. Some still appreciated sympathy cards, while others resonated with my more direct approach.
  2. Respecting Choices: I learned the importance of respecting others’ choices. Whether it was sending a card, offering a hug, or simply being present, each individual’s preferences were valid.

Conclusion: A Personal Evolution

Cutting sympathy cards out of my life was an act of personal evolution. It allowed me to explore alternative means of supporting and connecting with grieving individuals. While sympathy cards undoubtedly hold significance for many, my journey taught me that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to grieving and offering comfort. What matters most is the authenticity and sincerity of our gestures, whether they come in the form of a card or a heartfelt conversation. Explore the unconventional decision to cut sympathy cards out of one’s life and discover the unexpected impacts on personal connections and authenticity.


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